Time Trial Gala

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On Sunday 2nd March 2014 almost 100 swimmers from our junior squads competed in a time trial gala at Newport International Sports Village. Swimmers from Dolphins, Sharks, Junior Development and Junior Performance all competed in 50m of all strokes, as well as 100m Individual Medley, regardless of age or how long they have been swimming with the club. One swimmer having only joined the club that week competed in all five events swimming superbly well.

What was almost as pleasing as how well all the swimmers swam was how much they seemed to enjoy themselves, and got into the spirit of racing.

I would like to thank all the swimmers for coming down to swim and commend them on their efforts and excellent behaviour, as well as all their parents who brought them down and stayed to support. The next step from here is to enter our Club Championships which like this gala, is only for other Newport swimmers. From there, you should then start entering other competitions where you can test your speed against swimmers from other clubs. If you are interested in entering more competitions, please ask your coach for further information on which galas you should enter.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all the volunteers who came to support and help run this gala. Without their help not only could we not run galas like this, but the club as a whole could not carry on running the way it does.

If you would like to get more involved in the running of your club please come along to our AGM at 7:45pm on Tuesday 11th of March at Newport Stadium, found adjacent to Newport International Sports Village, swimming and tennis centre.



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