Masters and Junior Masters is a great additional session for active sportsmen and women, or for those who just want to keep fit within a pool environment.

The City of Newport Swimming Club Masters section (Active LC, Monday 8-9 pm and NISV, Wednesday 8. –9 pm) offers swimmers aged 16 and above the opportunity to enjoy swimming in a structured session, maintain fitness levels and compete against other swimmers of a similar age across Wales.

The Junior Masters (Active LC, Wednesday 8-9 pm) is an ideal session for swimmers between the ages of 12-16 years of age who would just like to keep fit within an aquatic environment or to supplement another sporting activity they partake in.

An average session covers 2000 meters, although no set is compulsory! The main aim is to enjoy swimming, achieve individual goals and keep fit! Everyone is welcome provided you are a competent swimmer in one or more strokes.

For further information please contact: