My personal narrative essay

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during my younger days I like a lot of confidence another mentary school I didn’t have any friends and I didn’t wanted he I became known as a quiet person my mom told me my mom got word about how much I weighed and how depressed I look my mom told me we need to lose some weight you look like a fat pig my mom took me to a place where I can do some Taekwondo joining up with the sport actually became the greatest addition of my life Johnny Lewis the name of the instructor told my mom with confidence I will turn your son into a champion I asked him are you serious while my mom was believing every word he said whenever I first started doing all this my kicks are like crap in order to do the kicks in Taekwondo you need to have the flexibility of the dashing dips all the kicks that I did did take practice but I mess with all of them eventually during my time in Taekwondo I noticed something different about me I didn’t lose anyway but I felt thinner my confidence in love and self esteem skyrocketed like a jet I didn’t feel scared anymore about anything I’m not afraid of making friends and now I wanted some all these things flips look good inside after a year of training masters told me I should compete in the tournament I felt like I needed more training but I knew I had to had to do this joining this tournament will help me improve my confidence and my self-esteem at the tournament things didn’t go as expected I lost pretty bad but I thought that they will for the first time it’s only two people were in my belt level in my age group I still ended up getting a medal joining Taekwondo did help me improve my confidence and my self-esteem a change my personality and the way I state things in life my confidence and self-esteem is skyrocketing even even as we speak join Taekwondo impacted my life in a very important way it soon that I will never forget or regret

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