How to develop your research proposal for Griffith Aviation Research Paper

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okay everybody welcome to the first presentation this presentation is about how to develop your research proposal for those of you under taking part one of seven 5:07 that’s the main task that you have for four part one over the next few weeks until the end of week eight you’ll be engaging with me in developing your research proposal and the board document for that is available at the learning griffith site okay this is basically a summary of what we are going to be looking at today I won’t engage right now with them but basically we will be covering the main parts of our research proposal in this presentation today the first thing that we need to decide is the research topic and if you guys look at the module that I have developed for you on learning and Griffith on how to choose a research topic you can have various reasons to choose one you might want to take advantage of your experience in aviation and develop some further knowledge about a particular area you might be keen on transition your career within aviation or you might even be coming from outside of the ocean you want to have knowledge in a specific area let’s say revenue management or fleet management and you can take advantage of your research to really know more not just about the topic but also eventually to know more about the networking of people that you mind up working in the future I mean this might be the people that you end up interviewing for your research you know that you better understand your topic so things that you need to consider you know what is the problem that you’re trying to solve you know what is the subject that you’re talking about now who is involved in that and who is impacted so that’s very important in terms of when you considering what sort of data do you need to collect and what is this scope so it’s very important that you are realist this is a project of 300 hours you’re not saving the world quite yet so be very mindful of very specific what you’re trying to understand when you do that it’s important that you narrow down your area of study you might be able to identify a few key words you might be that you’re looking at what are the reasons for roots domestic routes in Australia too to be suspended so some of the key words you might have our domestic air transport Australia and and route suspension so you’re gonna be using those keywords when you start looking at Google Scholar to find academic papers and then you can also use the library catalog and if you check the resources that I have provided on the first topic you will see a very interesting video there on differences that you have in terms of the various tools choose search for research material as part of your research proposal you also need to write the aims and objectives of your research paper the research aim is basically where in in one sentence you know you were stating broadly what is your topic about this is the the barbecue talk you know you are with mates and people ask you how’s your masters going and then you tell about the exciting things that you do in terms of research and in one line you’ll be saying well you know what I’m trying to understand how to what are the factors that contribute to the suspension of domestic routes in Australia short switch very objectives okay so that’s where you were you trying to do you know that’s your aspirations that you are that that’s like your dreams okay the very be very specific not several aims usually just one aim you might have a couple of aims but not something not more than there the objectives is then how you plan to accomplish this so you might want to look in terms of saying well in in in practical steps or tasks I want to interview airport managers and airline managers and understand according with the literature what are the factors that contribute the most so your main objective might be I’m undertaking a literature review on the factors for domestic error suspension our will undertaking interviews with key airport and airline managers and my third objective might be to analyze the results that I’m the data that I’m collecting how do I do a literature review and you require to write a literature review it’s about reading you know you have to collect 10 15 20 academic pieces of books or book chapters or journal articles for you to really start becoming aware of of your topic so reading is the key thing for the next few weeks don’t get frustrated don’t get anxious because it takes time for you to really develop through your reading and it’s not because we’re not we don’t have a timetable for this course that you should be engaged in 10 weeks 10 10 hours a week sorry in terms of your studies okay so what do you want is you and a narrow down your topic and make sure you’re familiar with the theories and methods apply to your topic okay what is the methodology of data collection I my way of defining methodologies metal is actually a Greek word is how you’re gonna walk through something so the methodology is your bridge between what has been done in the past which is the illiterate review and what do you be doing in the future which is your data analysis so how are you gonna collect data how are you going to structure work in a way that you can collect information and data and transforming it into something meaningful to your organization or to answer the the aims of your research in the time of internet in the time of free information having information is not enough and information is available to everybody the way we add value to our career in organizations is by making a meaningful use of the data that is available out there there are several ways that you can do your research you can do and I’m just highlighting two here one is a practical research you go into organization and really look at what is happening there and you want to answer a particular problem that exists out there in the field and in order to do that you might develop questionnaires or surveys or interviews of observe things or discuss in in focus groups for example or you might also be able to do a theoretical research you know there might be value in terms of learning for example what is the literature telling about human factors for example so there might be a contribution there as well so check the resources that are available learn near Griffith and there are many there you can also think about what sort of data are you collecting innovation we can have several you know we can use qualitative data to describe things usually through interviews or observing procedures you can develop qualitative data in analyzing you might also need quantitative data for example especially when you need to interview passengers or what is the perception of passengers in regards to the quality of service provided the airport so you might have you know 300 developed 300 surveys and collect the data which is to be a lot of quantitative data depending of the data that you might have secondary data you might have to do correlation or regression regression analysis and that’s where you develop your statistics you know skills as well and you also have the chance of doing meta-analysis as I suggest in my previous slide using a literature review and the taking literature review in a particular topic what are the formats that we have we we basically have two formats one is what we call research paper usually around 18 to 20,000 words the structure provider is the one there on the Left executive summary introduction application of theory in a basic terms that is collected and analyzing in and then our conclusions provided but it’s a very broad but at the same time the analysis is not necessarily very sophisticated and elaborated you also have an option of doing a 7,000 words on an article which some people might think that’s easier just because you have to write less but actually there are two things there one is that my experience of writing the writing concisely is is always a lot more difficult so that’s the challenge there the other thing is that in this option you have a lot of behind the scene of work that you need to do so it’s really if you are really really committed to do something that will develop solar a new knowledge or you applying a technique to come up with some new insights it’s lots of fun it’s probably a little bit more of work for students trying to pursue this Avenue I will make sure that you have a mentor that is one of our ongoing staff one of our permanent staff that have a little bit more experience with journal articles so you need to present very well your literature review a good work of mastering your literature review then considering the methodology a clearly step in terms of how you’re gonna use primary in or secondary data to answer your research aims and you need a section on debt analysis as well ethics application you if you’re collecting primary data where other people are involved you need ethics application obviously if you’re doing with animals you also need ethics application but that’s very rare in aviation field anyhow there’s a lot of informations in this URL that I’m making available for you and you have to make sure that your mentor is is the applicant in this process with you the resources there are many starting with the Tom Harris book writing human factors research paper I fully recommend all of you to have and read there are other resources that I’m also listing in this slide obviously the main one is the Griffith University library catalog the resources that I’m making available and there are a number of them at learning at Griffith other research methods books that you might want to come across or even websites that were developed by other universities the submission of your proposal it’s done in April so forget about that April 2014 forum I have developed a new one in June that’s the most updated one is available on the website all parts have to be completed you need a list of academic references and when you’re submitting to me your final draft you also send me a CV or a resume because when I send in your proposal to your mentor it helps a lot if he or she has access to your CV or resume just you have a better understanding of who you are from the professional point of view once I assign you a mentor you communicated with your mentor stray away and then you stopped in with me in terms of this course sometimes there are changes in the proposal as long as the mentor is happy there’s no problem whatsoever you just send me then you then you version and I’ll make sure that I’ll put in in my folder and and you keep going with your research okay so yeah start working on your research as soon as you can there’s no no time for us to be wasting here

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