Ask an RA: how exactly to navigate culture that is hookup

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Ask an RA: how exactly to navigate culture that is hookup

Being an RA, I’m prepared to respond to large amount of questions. Got a test that is stressful up? Stressbusters. Got a leaky roof? Hartley Hospitality. Got a monster in your wardrobe? Ghostbusters. But there is one solution they don’t really show in RA training: “just how do i navigate culture that is hookup?”

I do not know whom first utilized the word “navigate” in mention of the skill of having set, however it causes it to be appear more difficult than it really is. After being in a long-distance relationship for two of my 3 years at Columbia, i have gathered a distinctive and comprehensive collection of information.

So that you can assist you to preempt any hookup catastrophe, I have compiled this information into a listing of advice:

Hold your self along with your buddies responsible for acting like logical, free-thinking grownups. Limit discussion regarding the sexploits to a minutes that are few day.

Apply labels to your relationship.

Hear me out—you need certainly to make your objectives clear. It’s like having a style to your group of websites. It’s easy to lose sight of what you set out to do when you lack a uniting vision. You begin down with a heartfelt post regarding your deepest feelings and just before know it, you’re composing a post on how to navigate hookup culture as you view everything disintegrate before your eyes.

Don’t let yourself be emotionally abused.

We cannot stress this sufficient. We have seen one a lot of buddies fall target to abuse that is emotional. You’ve got most likely possessed buddy like this—you continue steadily to seek their business, despite being profoundly upset by them.

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