Ideas on the foundation regarding the word “bride” Part I

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Ideas on the foundation regarding the word “bride” Part I

Term Origins And Exactly How We Understand Them

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  • By Anatoly Liberman
  • September 26 th 2018

The blog known as “The Oxford Etymologist, ” which started on March 1, 2008, and which seems every rain or shine (this is Post no wednesday. 663), owes lots of its subjects to association. A while ago, we had written concerning the puzzling Gothic verb liugan “to lie, inform falsehoods” and “to marry” (August 15, 2018) and concerning the etymology for the English verb bless (October 12, 2016). From the time We have supposed to tell a whole tale associated with English term bride. To some body, the bride can take place all dressed up in white, but an etymologist roams into the gloaming that is impenetrable of, hypotheses, and rejoinders.

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